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Paul Harber

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Miss Stephanie Lillington and Miss Tracy Davis

for sale
Miss Stephanie Lillington and Miss Tracy Davis £1000.00
Miss Zoe Tee

for sale
Miss Zoe Tee £800.00
The Edge of the Forest

for sale
The Edge of the Forest £800.00
Miss Paige Calvert

for sale
Miss Paige Calvert £800.00
Miss Zoe Tee

for sale
Miss Zoe Tee £800.00
Charlotte with Mask

Charlotte with Mask
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Portfolio for Paul Harber - Commissionaportrait

Birth date   28 10 1948
Introduction   I was born and spent my childhood in East Sussex.I studied painting at 2 of Britain's most prestgious art schools (Chelsea School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools) and have exhibited and many galleries in Britain.I am also a Fine Art lecturer at a Hampshire college.I am married with 5 grown up children.  
See my website on
Education   1965 - 67 Eastbourne School of Art Foundation Course  
1967 - 71 Chelsea School of Art B.A Hons. Fine Art (Painting)  
1972 - 75 Royal Academy Schools M.A. Fine Art (Painting)  
1975 - 76 London University Institute P.G.C.E (Art & Design)
Awards   1971 BA Hons (painting)Chelsea Shool of Art  
1975 MA (painting) Royal Academy Schools)
Selected Commissions   1983.CLR James.Poet ,writer and cricket commentator.  
1985.Louis Sinclair.Scottish poet and writer  
2002.Marie Cooke.Vice Principal.Fareham College of Art.
Group Exhibitions   Royal Academy Summer Show 1974.Horsham Arts Centre Group Show 1995  
Piers Feetham Gallery Chelsea Thalassa Thalassa (mixed show paintings) July/Aug 1997  
The Pembroke Gallery Windsor 27 Paintings 'Winter Show).Leighton House London Artists for Richmond Fellowship 1988  
Brewhouse Open Competition Paintings & Drawings 19991, 1992, 1993.Thompson's Gallery Dover St., Piccadilly Group Show June 1998  
Gallery Focus, New Malden, Surrey 'Features' Mixed Show (English & Korean artists) June 1998  
The Ashcroft Art Centre Fareham Hants Mixed Show November 1998Gallery Focus, New Malden, Surrey Christmas Show November / December 1998  
The Sculpt-It Gallery Godalming Surrey Group Show December 2000 - January 2001  
The Karen Taylor Gallery Twickenham (S.W. London) Drawings February - April 2001.The Karen Taylor Gallery Twickenham Group Show July - August 2001  
West End Centre With Carl Johnson (Photographer) Oct - Nov 2003  
Sponsored by Hampshire County Council  
Aspex Gallery,Portsmouth  
"Redundancy" exhibition -  
Mixed show  
April 2005  
Atkinson Gallery,Somerset  
"Figuratively Speaking" exhibition  
October 2008.The Off the Wall Gallery.Cardiff.People and Places.Oct 2009  
Celia Purcell Contemporary.London.Christmas show 2009  
Celia Purcell Contemporary Summer Show 2010
Solo Exhibitions   .Royal Academy One Man Show, Gallery 1V (The Arts Council purchased 3 paintings from this show) 1981.Oak Farm Hillingdon One Man Show 1986  
Brewhouse Gallery Taunton One Man Show 1986.Pavement Gallery Taunton One Man Show 1988  
Arches Gallery South-Moulton Devon One Man Show 1992.Piers Feetham Gallery Chelsea One Man Show February 1998.The Stables Gallery N. London One Man Show June - July
Artist's Statement   My work is in the figurative, realist tradition. The paintings contain many references to gesture and symbols, often using iconography 'out of context' in a gentle, humorous and ironic manner. The gestures the figures make often refer to previous periods of art, e.g. Greco-Roman/Renaissance/Mannerism - counter - reformation art. In modern settings they lose their previous meanings and take on new ones.This provides a very unusual and personal approach to portraiture.I am a very cooperative person who will always work with the client to achieve what they desire in their portrait.

Statement      I am happy to work directly from the model or from photographs.I have no limit on the number of sittings.This will vary according to what media I am using.I negociate with each sitter regarding what is most convenient to them.I can work in a wide range of media . eg Oils.acrylics,watercolours.gouache, pencil,charcoal,and pastels.Depending on the sitter's availability, I generally try to have at least 2 or3 sittings ,if the sitter is too busy to do any more. I can then work from preliminary sketches and photographs taken during those sittings.If they are very busy then I can work from photographs taken at the first sitting. I do not frame my work ,prefering the sitter to make that choice,although I am happy to give advice


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From 650    $1000
  Head and Shoulders   From 2000    $3000
Half LengthFrom 2300 $3500
3/4 LengthFrom 2500 $3800
Full LengthFrom 2800 $4300
Double PortraitFrom 3500 $5300
Group PortraitFrom 5000 $7600
BuildingsFrom 1500 $2300
AnimalsFrom 1500 $2300
(price per square foot)
From 5000 $7600
WildlifeFrom 1500 $2300
MaritimeFrom 1500 $2300
InteriorsFrom 1500 $2300
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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