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Ivy Smith

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Children Swimming

Children Swimming
Children Rollerskating

Children Rollerskating
Portrait of Sir David and Sir Richard Attenborough

Portrait of Sir David and Sir Richard Attenborough
The Bridge Party

The Bridge Party
Golden Wedding

Golden Wedding
Girls Reading - Portrait of Isobel and Beatrice

Girls Reading - Portrait of Isobel and Beatrice
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Portfolio for Ivy Smith - Commissionaportrait

Ivy Smith is one of East Anglia’s most acclaimed painters. As well as single portraits of men, women and children, Ivy Smith has particular experience in double and group portraits, and in working on a very large scale. Several of her large scale multiple portraits are in public collections and she has completed numerous notable private commissions.
Education   Walthamstow School of Art, London  
Central School of Arts and Crafts, London  
Chelsea School of Art, London  
Royal Academy Schools, London
Awards   1969 - Royal Academy Gold Medal  
1970 - Kasmin Gallery Prize  
1978 - Eastern Arts Award  
1981 - Third prize, John Player Awards, NPG  
1983 - Specially Commended, John Player Awards, NPG  
1983 - Eastern Arts Award  
1985 - Specially Commended, John Player Awards, NPG  
1986 - Bradford International Print Biennale  
1986 - First Prize, John Player Award, National Portrait Gallery
Selected Commissions   Portrait of Sir Richard and Sir David Attenborough for the National Portrait Gallery  
Battle Hospital, Reading  
National Trust for Wales and Oriel 31  
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital  
Jerwood Commission for Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health  
North Kesteven District Council  
Ross on Wye Community Hospital  
Represented in the following public collections:  
National Portrait Gallery, London  
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield  
Castle Museum, Norwich  
LeamingtonSpa Art Gallery, Warwickshire  
Eastern Arts Association, Cambridge  
Sealink Limited  
Sussex University  
Sheffield University  
Winchester Health Authority
Group Exhibitions   1992 - Hortus Cambrensis, touring Wales  
1992 - Ten years of the John Player Award National Portrait Gallery  
1994 - On the Wall, Norwich Festival, Arcade Gallery,Norwich  
1997 - City Gallery, Leicester  
1998/99 - John Russell Gallery, Ipswich  
2000 - Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery  
2001 - Eat Drink and Be Merry, Touring London, York and Norwich
Solo Exhibitions   1984 - Fermoy Gallery, Kings Lyn  
1985 - Oriel 31, Welshpool  
1985 - University Library Gallery, Sheffield  
1986 - Norwich Castle Museum  
1987 - Contact Gallery, Norwich  
1991 - Wingfield Arts and Music Suffolk  
1995 - Art Workers Guild, London  
1996 - School House Gallery, Norfolk  
2000 - Gainsborough’sHouse, Suffolk
Artist's Statement   “My portraits are based on direct observation and my intention is to capture the humanity and individuality of the person I am painting. My work is strong in composition, with rich clear colour. It is very important to me that the work should be a good painting as well as a good likeness.”

Statement      “I can paint the portrait directly from life, giving a lively and immediate feel to the painting. As these paintings need commitment of time by the sitter, they tend to be small (eg. 20 x 24 inches) and take ten to twelve hours (usually two, two-hour sittings over three days). This has proved a good way to paint children. Larger paintings can be done in this way but need more sittings.  
Alternatively, I can make drawings directly from the sitter(s), then using these drawings I paint the portrait in my studio. This is the best method for double or group portraits and allows for dynamic compositional relationships. This involves a first sitting of about an hour (with all the subjects together if possible) to work out the composition for the painting. After approval of this by commissioner and subject(s), I will arrange to draw each person individually (each drawing takes three to four hours) and paint from these studies. Depending on the size of the painting I would need one to two months for completion.  
For drawings, I work directly from the sitter, and a half-length portrait would take five to six hours a head three hours. I usually work life size; smaller scale work would take less time. All prices include framing.”


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 700    $1000
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 2500    $3500
Half LengthFrom £ 4000 $6000
3/4 LengthFrom £ 5000 $7500
Full LengthFrom £ 6000 $9000
Double PortraitFrom £ 5000 $7500
Group PortraitFrom £ 8000 $12000
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
“Her huge multiple portrait is a true tour-de-force as astonishing for its ambition and sheer nerve as its evident accomplishment.”  
— William Packer, Financial Times  
“I would single out the work of Ivy Smith. She has consistently submitted good portraits over the years and has a very direct style. Her painting of a woman in a bright blue dress is successful as an uncomplicated composition with a likeness that is poignant with feeling.”  
— Colin Amery, Financial Times  
“This is a very remarkable painting, enormously impressive and a triumph of organization both in terms of line and groups of colours. It is bold and stylish and contemporary; wonderfully dynastic and although clearly differentiating between the individuals portrayed there is a feeling of one family. It is a spectacular and ambitious work, and an amazing record of a particular moment in time.”  
— Judges comment on ‘Golden Wedding’ in ‘Art and Artists’ 1986.  
“Ivy Smith’s portraits are non-anecdotal, and Golden Wedding – with 15 figures, the largest group she has painted – is a study of the shapes people take up in unconscious movements, the whole configuration tipped to accentuate the impression of space and organisation…The impact of Blamey and van der Weydan on her work is apparent in the areas of colour within clearly defined shapes.”  
— Colin Chinery, Eastern Daily Press, 1996  
“Ivy Smith beat a record 750 entrants to claim the John Player Portrait Award… The Panel of eminent judges, which included Roger de Grey, president of the Royal Academy, Sir Robin Phillipson, past president of the Royal Scottish Academy and Dr John Hayes, director of the National Portrait Gallery, said her work was ‘spectacular and ambitious’ ”  
— Caroline Davies, The Evening Standard, 1986