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How to Find & Commission a Portrait Artist

The most challenging task is finding the right portrait artist so we have designed the most sophisticated and user-friendly web-site to do so. Throughout, our staff are ready to assist by telephone on + 44 (0) 20 7921 9704. With our extensive and growing database you will quickly be able to survey a huge range of possibilities, one or more of which are likely to appeal.
Special Selection Categories
The Special Selection Categories will enable you to see examples by each artist and progressively define what it is you are looking for. Once you have identified an artist that might appeal, you can access their personal portfolio for more examples, an up to date biography, prices, press cuttings and commissioning procedure.
Throughout, you can use the ideas basket to store possibilities and suggestions, or create a shortlist of artists that you would like to discuss.
These can then be e-mailed to friends & associates, as well as yourself and the agency.

Talk to Us
At all stages we urge you to talk to us on +44 (0) 20 7921 9704 or, better still, come and see us. We have a close knowledge of each artist and can further refine your ideas with our library of portfolios.
The Start of the Portrait
Once you have agreed the portrait commission a simple contract will be drawn up between you and the artist, and a deposit paid. The portrait is now ready to begin. In most cases, the artist will travel to your location and may stay for a day or more. Travel and accommodation costs are normally extra, though some artists include them within the portrait fee. In most cases two to three instalments including the initial deposit are required for the commission. The final instalment will be paid on completion.
How the Portrait Evolves
The images above will show you how Aldo Balding has painted a portrait of his daughter from start to finish. To see larger images of this process please access the special viewing link here. Portrait Evolution. To view more of Aldo's work click on his portfolio here.
Comissions Without Sittings
Paintings from photographs can easily be arranged. Please send us your photographs, either by digital images posted by e-mail or as prints posted using traditional post. We will then discuss the photographs with the artists of your choice.
Pet Portraits
We have over 20 artists who specialise in dog portraits, cat portraits and equestrian portraits. All these artists will work from photographs. Please send us your photographs, either by digital images posted by e-mail or as prints posted using traditional post. We will then discuss the photographs with the artists of your choice. In some cases the artist will want to do their own photography.
We also have 10 sculptors who will work in bronze, terracotta, marble and other materials.
Home Visits
We offer free advice at your home; we can help you choose the right artist using your computer to access the web site. There are many benefits; in particular we can see the interior of your home And give more specific advice on the type of portrait that would best Suit your requirement and the decorative décor of your home.
We are willing to come to your home free of charge for those of you who live within and close to the M25 radius in the UK. For others we would charge our travel expenses. You can call us to make an appointment Tel: 0207 921 9704 /9708.